Charity begins at Kippax or Hawker?

By Mike Welsh

Tis the season for giving and,it would appear,dumping.And in some parts of Canberra it seems the dumping is greater than the giving. At the Kippax Fair shopping centre car park the dumping is far more generous that at the nearby Hawker shopping Village car park.

KIPPAX                       HAWKER
kippax binshawker #2 bins

And pilfering from charity bins is also popular, and possibly profitable, at this festive time of year.

One man challenged for stealing from a charity bin/dump,justified it thus “it’s only junk”. Hard to argue when a lot of it is..junk. Junk the dumpers are too mean to pay to dump at the tip. So it makes perfect sense to dump it at the charity bins?.

But why are the bins at Hawker less “dumpy” in appearance than the bins at Kippax?. Could it be there are more thieves and fewer donors at Hawker while the Kippax mob is more generous and less shifty?

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