Trashing Public Art (update)


By Mike Welsh

I posted a piece on the touchy topic of public art late last year but today I serendipitously  come across another piece of public art – some call it Graffiti-which IMHO is sadly hidden from most members of the public.  I know there’s an edgy,underground mentality attached to graffiti but I think this work deserves wider exposure than it will receive on the cluttered ,cold, grey cement wall of a bridge overpass .

"This Graffiti is so refreshing"
“This Graffiti is so refreshing”

(origional post on public art)

Let’s do a little trash talkin’ on public art. We call trash rubbish in Australia. Not all public art is rubbish and not all rubbish can be public art. But, while in Canberra our public art is often rubbished, in  Canada I witnessed a fine example of public art which was rubbish. A large friendly dinosaur filled with all manner of discarded trash including…

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