Hope Beyond Cure

Canberra based Christian Pastor David “Macca” McDonald is fast becoming a best- selling author. Several thousand copies of his book Hope Beyond Cure (Matthias Media) have already sold despite the book not yet being available in bookstores. Late in 2011 the furthest thing from David McDonald’s mind was writing a best- selling book. His focus was winning souls for Jesus and ACT Brumbies (where he’d been Chaplain for a decade) winning more games of Super Rugby in the new season. After a twenty year ministry at Crossroads in Canberra the McDonalds had made the momentous decision to leave Canberra and move thousands of kilometres away to the far north of Australia”.   The family was just days away from driving to Darwin to plant a new church in an Indigenous community at Palmerston when McDonald’s life abruptly and dramatically changed.  The looming festive season which was going to be his last in Canberra for some time, became possibly his last Christmas alive. Reaching 50 looked doubtful and even more so was a 30th wedding anniversary celebration. book largest actual      “Two devastating words, spoken to me by different people in the same week of December 2011, left me feeling hopeless and lost. Tumour and incurable. These cruel words took my breath away and ushered in the darkest period of my life. They introduced me to all manner of fear and doubts, shattered my  plans and dreams, devastated my family, and challenged my faith in God”.  (David McDonald Hope Beyond Cure)   Several days after the “tumour” bombshell “Macca” received a shattering prognosis from an Oncologist….  “It’s incurable. We can’t remove it”…  McDonald was told it was Stage- 4 lung cancer and he may only have  ten to thirteen months to live, with the sobering sealer that the mortality rate for lung cancer was the highest among all the more common cancers.   One chapter, on “Faith”, begins with the author dealing with the harsh and unfair reality of what lay ahead of him….. “Cancer stole my future and threatened to steal my hope. It’s an ugly killer and I hate it, but it has pushed me to refocus on the things that matter”.   cake       
David McDonald is back in ministry and, without revealing too much from his  extraordinary story Hope Beyond Cure, obviously reached his half century, his 30th wedding anniversary and got to meet his first Grand-child.     Dr David Bell (Medical Oncologist, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney) has recommended the book be read at least a couple of times . Dr Bell found Hope Beyond Cure“A moving read, raw and open. Showing the real hope Christians have”. Former Brumbies CEO, Rob Clarke (now CEO at the Rebels Melbourne) says “Hope Beyond Cure is a remarkable story of courage, resilience and belief and the power of faith”. Brumbies Head Coach Stephen Larkham has admitted to being reduced to tears on reading Hope Beyond Cure for the first time. Larkham, whose mother had died from bowel cancer six weeks before David McDonald was admitted to hospital, says “I had only ever seen cancer from one side, and I realised I wasn’t looking for a fix for mom-I was looking for hope. I have found hope in Dave’s book, and in Dave himself”. Hope Beyond Cure is not just for Christian cancer sufferers or for non-Christian cancer patients. It is much more than just a story of hope and much more than just a story of a cure. It goes way beyond both.      

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