To Thine Own Selfie Be True


Is it about time we all took a long hard look at our Selfies in the mirror and decided whether what we see is worth sharing with friends, acquaintances and, as I like to call them, instagrandoms those randoms who post random pics of absolutely nothing including fast food?.

Instagrandoms.!! .I think I may have just coined a new social media term.  Must Google that to see if I’m too late.

I’m a big fan of the Selfie. I’m sixty years of age and I was taking and sending Selfies long before the word was honoured by the Oxford Dictionary as 2013 word of the year.

I’ve got stacks of Selfies out there among that tsunami of Selfies swarming around in the heavens.


b and w late show  b and w georgemike and ronalbert einstein thurs

Back in the early days of Selfies a caller to my talkback radio program (a first on the topic) pompously attempted to edify me in Selfie protocol after I had posted a three-way selfie.

He was adamant that a “Selfie had to be a pic of oneself and taken by oneself”.  Technically he is right. The Oxford team defined the Selfie as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”. I think I lost him right about when I asked him if the Selfie “purists” would allow a selfie being taken by oneself of oneself before a mirror reflecting oneself taking a pic of oneself.

ellic selfie I did also wonder if my seemingly Self- appointed Selfie aficionado got cranky with the Daytime TV  Diva , Ellen  DeGeneres recently when she unleashed a hurricane of flutter on twitter with her star-studded Selfie from the front seats of the Oscars ceremony she was hosting.




Selfies with Celebs are the GO but to get the Head of the Holy See to pose for one would have been inconceivable a short time ago. Not wishing to seen as a Papal party- pooper the current big cheese of the Catholics, Pope Francis, was more than happy to provide his authentic seal to the Selfie #hisholiness.

popepic 2


Then there is the often dangerous game of “Extreme Selfies” or “Selfie Olympics” which involves taking the most extreme Selfie possible. A story of a young man dying while attempting an Extreme Selfie went viral before it was revealed as satirical and a fake, which, according to participants and followers, demonstrates the basic principles of the game which are invoking danger, risk, and extreme actions to take the best possible selfie.


Self-Sport. Now there’s a concept. But to wrap, for the time being, there is no doubt a hit song or fifty about Selfies.  This one may give you an idea of the origins and practitioners of the craze.




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