Pastor Irwin Ross
Pastor Irwin Ross

It would appear that concern among the citizenry can be costly.

It took just 60 seconds for Master of the ACT Supreme Court, David Mossop, to comprehensively shutdown the sinister anti-muslim group Concerned Citizens of Canberra (CCC) which attempted to “dog whistle” the Gungahlin community over a proposed Mosque two years ago. Not only did Master Mossop dismiss the group’s legal challenge to the construction in the burgeoning Northern Canberra suburb but he also hit it with “costs”- which could exceed $200,000.00


Within 20 seconds of sitting in his chair Master Mossop stunned the 6 CCC supporters, in court to hear the decision, with “application dismissed” before quickly numbering the points of his ruling.  And then “all rise” was called and he was gone.

Friday’s court date forced the relentlessly secretive group to thrust their spokesperson, Christian Pastor Irwin Ross, before the media glare. An experience he seemed to relish once he got rolling.

A shocked and almost speechless Ross told me as we walked together from Court 6 , minutes after the spectacularly swift slap-down , that the group would need to “read the detail” of the document before making any statement.  But he had regained composure by the time he reached the small media group outside the court building and continued the “dog whistling.” The CCC’s lame mantra of a ”social impact, public interest and concerns about traffic and noise” quickly vanished and switched to its more strident agenda….“They (Muslims) are taking over. Gungahlin is just the beginning. Mosques and schools are popping up all over the place.  Coles and Woolies are already full of Halal foods.” (Irwin Ross)   


IRWIN Supreme Court #1 pic

The Olive Tree Ministries Pastor highlighted the recent kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls by vigilante group Boko Haram, and the Boston Marathon bombing, asking, ”What’s behind all this?

Friday’s ruling should be the final in a long list of humiliating “fails” for the CCC. The group has not gained any support for its hate campaign in the nation’s capital since the original secretive meeting, which attracted just 26 people, in July of 2012.









































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