Is Walter white Responsible for this Meth?

walter white # 3

A story in the tabloids recently of a Taco truck in the US selling ICE underscored just how insidious the destructive plague Meth or Ice is. How did this evil epidemic get a foothold? Could it have been a hit TV show ?

A “recent” study, released in Australia last year, revealed the stunning statistic that the detection and destruction rate of clandestine drug laboratories in the suburbs had risen by 31% over the previous 12 month period.

Social commentators from the substantially serious to  the vacuous vixens, who sit the couches of Koshie and Karl, laid the blame for the “spike” in this nefarious criminal activity squarely at the feet of the a multi Emmy winning TV show.

As with all good “yarns” this one should have passed quickly into Urban Mythology, where it belonged but again like a many good “yarns” it resisted and lingered a little longer in the ether.

The culprit, they thundered, was Walter White , the oddball lead in “Breaking Bad” a tale of a terminally ill Chemistry teacher gone rogue.

With limited time on the planet the humbly remunerated educator figured he had little to lose by applying his alchemistic gifts to cooking up a couple of quality batches of Meth in order to beef up his puny Super. But Walter gets in deeper that he planned.

Urban Mythology exploded complete with the time honoured credibility of “a bloke my brother-in-law knows” , spreading “true” stories of the scores of straight, law abiding citizens who had become seduced , like Walter, to the  high return low risk attraction of the itinerant illicit drug manufacturer.
walter white # 1walter white # 2

 ” Ilove a good Urban Myth as much as the next Ralien baby (I swallowed the Bobby McFerrin suicide story) but turns out any relationship between “weird” Walter and the terrifying reality of an ICEAGE or ICE EPIDEMIC is just that, an Urban Myth”.

Meth Labs are being detected in all manner of bizarre and blatant formats and mobile sites including the Shiny Silver food truck in Denver, Colorado which offered “tacos,” “tortas” and “burritos” — but until recently, it’s where customers armed with code phrases such as “six pack” or “yellow cups” could order methamphetamine with their meal.

Suburban garages in Australia are “mysteriously” exploding at 2.30 a.m can’t all be the result of stored motor mower fuel.

The high detection and destruction rate of clandestine drug labs in the suburbs is just that. More labs are being identified and closed down but it’s largely down to an astute and better educated neighbourhood rather than a  batch of amateur entrepreneurs chancing their arm at a flourishing  criminal franchise inspired by “weird” Walter.

Police say their detailed “smoking gun” list for people to check with has been the game breaker in the war against the manufacture of ICE in clandestine suburban labs.

Mark Twain said “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” The truth is the Producers of ‘Breaking Bad” went down the responsible “fiction” road. A mild mannered High School chemistry teacher from  Albuquerque New Mexico running amok with a gun around his burnt out mobile home, wearing only his jockey underpants  isn’t really going to raise much suspicion.

This sinister ICE AGE or ICE EPIDEMIC poses a serious threat to all sections of our society.

We can no longer hide behind drawn curtains and high fences. Society needs to get involved .The threat probably comes from your neighbourhood not from a television screen.

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