Medicinal Purposes ONLY!!!!!!

By Mike Welsh

For a short time recently it seemed people from all across society, along with the “usual suspects” the ACT Labour Gov, the good folk of Nimbin and the progressive parishioners of the Uniting Church, were lining up behind NSW Premier Mike Baird and availing themselves of a short drag from the joint, which is the medicinal marijuana debate. But and there’s a big, king- sized but, there are plenty looking on from the side but not prepared to get burnt. Mostly by the electorate.

Even Queensland Premier Campbell Newman was prepared to throw his “support” behind his mate from across the border.

Premier Newman’s careful and considered comments would suggest while he’s happy to have someone else roll out a “suck it and see” experiment he won’t be “inhaling”.

Campbell says “There’s plenty of evidence around now about the psychosis and schizophrenia impacts on people who use marijuana, and it’s not just those who are big users of the drug”

Newman ruled out any broader legislation of the drug due to the significant health issues associated with it.

Paradoxically “can do” Cam can’t.

Stamping his comments with “the Queensland Government will “look with interest” at the NSW trial.

And in the Qld corner is a Professor at the University of Queensland, Wayne Hall.

Hall has apparently undertaken a 20 year longitudinal study on smoking marijuana which confirmed serious bad health outcomes. The Prof is frustrated mainstream media in this country has not reported on his extensive findings.

But none of this much to do with a medicinal marijuana a concoction which would only be available to a selected few. OR does it.

The FamilyVoice Australia lobby group firmly thinks so.

Spokesperson Ros Phillips spoke to me on radio and hailed Professor Hall’s research as further proof that any move to legalise marijuana for “medicinal” purposes would … “send  a message to Australian teens that marijuana is healthy and safe…”

Ros reckons the medicinal marijuana is a smoke screen. She reckons before you can say “pass the whatever,man” there will be medicinal marijuana joints at shopping centres across this wide brown land.

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