Twitter didn’t kill Nelson Mandela

Twelve months ago I involuntarily entered a period of unemployment (thankfully short) and began a blog to fill in the anticipated idle hours ahead. Like tens of thousands of bloggers I don’t have hundreds of followers and have never created a kefuffle among those who “trend” on social media but, apart from being extremely therapeutic, this has been among the most satisfying and productive periods of my occasionally successful 30 year media career. Don’t underestimate the blog.


By Mike Welsh

A few months ago the all powerful blue bird of social network tried to kill off Nelson Mandela.

It didn’t intend to it just happened. Such is the nature of Social Media.

If reports of Mark Twain’s death had been “grossly exaggerated” in the New York Journal back in June of 1897:  ..Mandela’s “reported” demise on Twitter mid last September was massive. The twitter sphere was abuzz with “Nelson Mandela RIP” tweets. Countless tweeters/twitterers/twats, some, like the little birdie itself, hadn’t even been hatched by the time the Nobel Laureate and peace campaigner was released from 27 years of incarceration at Robben Island, cavalierly tweeted and retweeted the “news” of the death of one of the greatest humans of the past century. Too soon, way too soon as it turned out. Not a hoax, more of an out of control bushfire.

And control is the key. How is…

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