I’ve got Pauline on my mind

Pauline Hanson has just “”bought back the”farm” and seems to be cosying up to Jacqui Lambie


By Mike Welsh…..

I’ve been thinking of Pauline Hanson lately. Wondering if she’s gone for good this time or just catching her breath. When I have Pauline Hanson on my mind I also have the Easybeats on my mind. Please Explain, you ask!!!

There have been only two occasions on which I felt I even remotely close to being crushed to death by a crowd of excited and irrational people.


The first time was in 1965 in my hometown of Launceston, Tasmania.  Two friends and I made the rookie mistake of loitering (unwittingly) inside the same record bar, as the hottest pop band in the country was conducting an “in-store”.

It all happened in the blink of an eye.  One second we were standing at the back of the store in front of a makeshift stage which had magically filled with five skinny, longhaired blokes, three of whom were called…

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