The Emasculation of Tony Abbott

alan-jones-640x360.jpg.pagespeed.ce.4ramXeDVhSBy Mike Welsh

The Prime Ministerial Medico has suggested PM Tony Abbott discontinues his early morning bike rides. Apparently  donning the lycra pre-dawn is downright dangerous according to Dr Graham Killer

Dr Killer, who is retiring after treating all PMs since Paul Keating, has taken a fatalistic approach and fears the Skipper of Team Australia will eventually come a nasty cropper. A real cropper from the bike as opposed to a knife in the back from  his own political pals as the polls slide even further.

Makes you wonder if Harold Holt’s quack nagged him about swimming in the surf.

Dr Killer told News Limited……

“Tony Abbott should ditch his early-morning cycling for a less risky exercise. It’s only a matter of time until Mr Abbott has some sort of bike related-accident.” 

The doctor has advised the PM to adopt the regular walking fitness regime followed and made fashionable by  John Howard.

Just what  Tony Abbott needs as he enters another year at the top…. eliminate  another of the few remaining  earthly pleasures he has.  The man is not a monk, well not anymore.

I’m beginning to feel some empathy for this man. He’s tried so darned hard to shake off the misogyny monika but Man hating Monicas and Melanis all over the land continue to blow the same tune Misogynistic tune.

What more does  this dedicated macho  man need to do. He went to all that trouble of actually marrying a girl. He endured  the messy business of producing  offspring (3x female). Tony Abbott has even agreed to have his “boys” converted to “detachable” for the duration. It’s just easier when you have to hand them over at the front office before getting down to running the business of running the country.  He has even  manned up and strapped on an apron and ironed his short stack of  shirts.  All he asks in return is to be able borrow his testicles for a bit of  Fire fighting (seasonal),  Budgie Smugglin’ (vital part of the package) and head kicking (has some else to do most of that these days).

The sad irony is poor old Tony has spent his first year as Prime Minister desperately trying to hide his body language. For most of 2014 the PM had  the awkward and shifty gait of someone who has just stolen a girls bike , peddling like buggery but getting nowhere because he can’t find the right gear and  furiously looking behind him to see if he’s about to be caught.


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