Shane Warne the Sordid Sex Story that Keeps on Giving.

By Mike Welsh

A lot of people write a lot of stuff about Shane Warne. Shane Warne writes a lot of stuff about Shane Warne.

So it rarely raises a ripple when a tacky tabloid such as Woman’s Day returns to drop its slop bucket into the Warne Well and haul out another SHANE SEX SAGA.

WD #1And WD “journalists” don’t have to dig too deeply for creative copy either.. “SEX ROMP”, “NIGHT OF PASSION” and “RAUNCHY REVELATIONS” are easily interchangeable with those other saucy staples “MY HOT HOTEL NIGHT WITH WARNIE” and “MY STEAMY SEX SESSION WITH SPIN KING” when it comes to a yarn about Warnie.

The spinner only has to scribble an autograph or flash his expensive and dazzling smile in a selfie within metres of a female, and you’ve got the makings of another sordid SHANE sex saga.  Get a pretty girl to pose for a snap, put some words in her mouth and a few bucks in her purse and BINGO. “HE WAS INSATIABLE”:  36 year old single mother tells of her “TRYST WITH TEST STAR SHANE”.

I guess when your ex wife gives Woman’s Day a juicy “exclusive” as she punts you out the door, as Simone did, you don’t have much of a defence. WD can write pretty much anything it feels like whenever it feels like it or circulation numbers demand it.

This time round it’s a 43 year old single mother from Adelaide. Her name and city are irrelevant. It’s a winning formula for Woman’s Day. If Warnie’s in town there is bound to be a yarn about a 36 or 42 year old single mother/part-time model who hooked up with the “Sheik of Tweak” for some good old fashioned shagging.

womans day # 1

No doubt a spare Shane Warne SEX ROMP story or three is on ice in the WD esky about a “single mum who linked up with the bad boy of cricket via social media in HOBART/PERTH/BRISBANE while Warne was in town covering the test match for channel 9”.

But some words other than Sex, Tryst and Sordid creatively and lovingly assembled by a genuine writer tell the real story about the bloke they call WARNIE. Aussie minstrel Paul Kelly penned Ode To Shane Warne in 2007.

“Shane Warne well know to history, Shane Warne bowler of mystery”

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