Can Alan Jones “DO” Campbell Newman

By Mike Welsh

jones 5Conservative commercial radio ranter Alan Jones has arrogantly entered the Queensland election campaign. Fresh from “caning” Prime Minister Abbott (also missing from the guest list) Headmaster Jones, though uninvited to participate in the scrap, has barged in regardless. His sole mission: oust Premier Campbell Newman. It’s not that Alan has “turned” and is throwing his perceived political clout behind Queensland Labour. It’s simple. Alan is mightily miffed at being lied to by Campbell Newman. Jones told radio 4BC this week…..

“Make no bones about it – this is as bad as anything we’ve ever seen in government in Australia anywhere,”

Jones said Newman lied to him in 2012 when he promised there would be no stage three of the Acland coal mine near Toowoomba, where Jones grew up.

The Sultan of Struggle Street must dexterously banish the brash son of former Fraser Government Minister Kevin and Tasmania Senator Joscelyn, but protect the LNP state government at the same time. Can Alan Jones DO “Can-Do” Cam Newman?  Of course not. If Newman is done on Jan 31 it’ll be the electorate, with some help from Newman himself, responsible. Alan “thinks” his powers are greater than they actually are. Problem is there are plenty of spineless political types who also “think” Alan is God. AJ 4Below is an edited version of a blog piece I wrote on Jones “Running The Joint” last year.

Broadcaster Alan Jones is “one of those”…One of those rare individuals utterly convinced they have a God-given right to appoint and anoint who will run the joint. Parasites of all political colours queue up to wear the yellow rubber “WWAT” (“What Would Alan Think”) wrist band before taking their next step. Why? Bugger democracy. Who gives a rat’s rear what the electorate wants and who it sends to Canberra to represent it. It’s what Alan Jones, and shock-jock work experience kid, Andrew Bolt, want. When Julia Gillard stood up to him, Jones reverted to nasty behaviour. Even PM Tony Abbott is diplomatic around Jones. This shows Abbott must be deep in a pile of political poo if he needs not one but two attack dogs to keep the upstarts from rising up while he is abroad. Hopefully Tony doesn’t catch the travel bug in the same jet-setting fashion his predecessor did, otherwise Liberal leadership blood will flow down the gutters of Struggle Street every third Wednesday. The spin is that there is no “tension” at the top and Abbott’s office is not agitating. This is merely Alan Jones doing what he does, and Bolt doing what Jones does in order to eventually do what Jones does, circumventing the Prime Minister and going straight for the throat of the danger. For the sin of breaking bread with Clive Palmer at a Canberra Restaurant, Malcolm Turnbull was ripped “a new one” this week by both the Jones boy and heir apparent Bolt. Thankfully, Turnbull who hates bullies, refused to yield when Headmaster Jones instructed him to… “Read after me”…(you wicked, wicked little boy). Jones and Bolt are no dills. They know Abbott is on the nose and are both acutely aware Turnbull is the people’s choice to lead the Liberal Party. And if the former merchant banker got the “big gig” it’d be game over for many moguls. When Alan’s on-air castigation of Turnbull failed, he reverted to bad behaviour, stating the bleeding obvious that Turnbull “would never again lead the Federal Liberal Party.” Der… Malcolm won’t rise again unless some of his colleagues, who are still loathe to say what they really feel lest they too be bullied, actually grow a pair. Wouldn’t hurt if some in the media had theirs sewn back on too.

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