Should Sloppy Joe Sew His Lips Together?

By Mike Welsh


If I live to be 150 I will never begin to understand why seemingly shrewd politicians sometimes say stupid things.

It’s pointless having expensive media advisors if you are going to ignore their counsel and boldly stand before a rack of microphones, open your fat gob and spit out stupid things.  Stupid things which stick to you for several days like dog shit on your shoes. Forcing the above mentioned and highly remunerated media advisors to scrape off your smelly foot-in-mouth comments. And to add spice to your dog shit have your political opponent “take the mick”.

Yes I’m referring to Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey

This week our tubby Treasurer followed up his 2014 “poor people don’t drive” clanger with the inspiring revelation that “somewhere today there is a child born who could live to 150”.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, not known for sharp and penetrating heckling, audaciously invoked the name of the Patron Saint of Saying stupid things, Sarah Palin, after Joe’s Sesquicentenarian scenario.

And what does the lady herself think of the Hockey gaff?

Listen to a call I made to a Sarah (queen of hockey jokes) Palin I Know.


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