Six Degrees of Separation

With the passing of Colleen McCullough I am reminded of the time she challenged me to increase my reading. But she was puzzled by the number of books I re-read. I Posted this about a year ago.


This week I reread “Goodbye Jerusalem “ the 1997 book by Bob Ellis. In fact it’s the second book of Bob’s I’ve revisited recently. I also picked up the more contemporary and less controversial 2010 Ellis tome “Suddenly, Last Winter” (An Election Diary)

My copy of “Goodbye Jerusalem” (a survivor of the original release pulped due to a legal issue involving the Abbotts and the Costellos) may well be valuable if Bob signs it before he dies. Comrade Ellis is that type of famous Australian.  Many people say many things of him and he’s not even dead yet. Neat trick that.

TV Producer and Logie winner Ian McFadyen wrote on his site under the title “Night Thoughts on Jerusalem” that he “first learnt of Bob Ellis in the late Seventies. I knew him by name only, as the author of the play The Legend of King O’Malley…

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