Sinner Spinner Yarns Success with Winner Spinner

al camp pic 2By Mike Welsh

Champion spinner Shane Warne told legendary former Downing St spinner Alastair Campbell that there were three words which were crucial to his outstanding success story in the game of cricket. Never Give Up

Campbell, who spoke to me for my radio show (audio below), reveals the motivational gem in his latest book Winners and How They Succeed.

While the former strategist for Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair has a passion for Australian winners, including former PM Paul Keating and AFL legend Leigh Mathews, he has some sobering advice for current PM Tony Abbott….Have a strategy and stick to it.

Apart from a Never Say Die attitude Alastair Campbell says he discovered resilience was a common thread winding through the winners, including Richard Branson and surfer Layne Beachley, he spoke to for the book.

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