Stuff On The Pacific Highway

By Mike Welsh

I am extremely fortunate to work on the Pacific Highway at Coffs Harbour. Everyday I see a fascinating passing parade of not only regular traffic but a weird and wonderful range of vehicles small ,large, short and long.


From bands of bikies to low-loaders laden with half houses it all flows past. But today a real treat. A 1950s something FJ Holden. AND a matching caravan.


Once I saw a crappy old Holden Kingswood station wagon which had two humans in the front and at least twenty cats roaming throughout the vehicle. Sadly I failed to get a pic.


coke truckA recent torrential downpour flooded the highway but failed to stop the flow of cola

Vintage Kombis and filthy slogan splashed budget Kombi like rental vans filled with hippies and wanna be hippies also participate in the passing Pacific Parade.


fuck coffs picBut occasionally I see something in the parade which takes the cake. The well heeled young coastal traveller can not only rent a late model car but one with a message.  Although I’ve yet to spot one with “I’M A DICKHEAD DUDE” splashed across the side.

FJ ONLY LONG SHOTBut in amongst the constant flow of colour which passes my studio window daily the two tone green FJ was a real treat.

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