By Mike Welsh

The excellent Canberra news magazine CITY NEWS has touched a raw nerve on the Same Sex Marriage issue. And not just in the Nation’s Capital. An opinion piece by regular contributor Nick Jenson has seen the weekly journal quoted internationally.

A committed Christian, Jenson and his wife ,GP Sarah, announced in CITY NEWS they would divorce if legislation allowing gay people to marry became law.

The couple, which has just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, say they have not taken the decision to divorce lightly and understand it’s one which many people may not readily understand. The pair will continue to live together, have more children an refer to each other as husband and wife, but legally end their marriage because they believe “marriage is not a human invention”

City News Editor Ian Meike says he decided to run the piece including a front page pic to give a balanced view to a hotly discussed debate, But the veteran newsman was not prepared for the vicious and filthy backlash the City News copped for running the story. Seems those who preach tolerance in all things are only prepared to be tolerant up to a point.

I spoke with Ian on my radio program on 2HC Coffs Harbour today

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