A book out this week has taken me back to another time. My boyhood. BOYHOODLUM by Anson Cameron.

I had the author on air for a chat today.

BOYHOOLUM  “is a nostalgic testament to an era long gone – a time before children chose to stay indoors with their latest gadget – where children roamed the streets, played on their bikes, and only returned home to eat (or when the sun went down), Boyhoodlum is the hilarious confession of an ingeniously devious and destructive boy growing up in country Victoria in the 1960s. The youngest of four, Anson was the golden child: little did the family know he was the one responsible for blowing up their television, pillaging the neighbours’ vegetable gardens, throwing snakes into neighbour’s yards, electrocuting a friend’s mother with homemade ‘wondertogs’ (not once, but twice) and joining a Wee Club. Until, one day, his decade long reign as the apple-of-every-easily-fooled-adult’s eye was brought to a crashing halt – usurped by the arrival of an amorphous little gatecrasher, in the guise of a new sister”.

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