By Mike Welsh

It was the morning after and they were all there to cover it, well almost..

Cash strapped Channel Ten managed a van and a tent. Nine had Karl and Lisa and a crew of thousands.  Sky TV’s everyman on political spills, Kieran Gilbert was there and the ABC’s comprehensive coup coverage was complimented by it’s Canberra crew and a smart suited Barry Cassidy.And there were onions. But no David Koch from Seven’s Sunrise.

tony's balls

A smattering of moderate to biggish hitters from the big house beyond moseyed on down during the morning to chew the fat but apart from the odd punter ,a sole protester waving a flag and a bag of onions sitting on the flowerbed, that was it. Coup coverages just ain’t what they used to be. .

julie in make up chair
Deputy Julie Bishop in the makeup chair
lisa wilk
Karl and Lisa on the OB couch
arthur sino
Senator Sinodinos dropped by for a chat
man knows his onions
The Put Out Your Onions hastag had some snappers dropping to their knees
A Rainbow arching a protest
tanya's mullett
Member for Sydney’s Ginger Mullet

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