By Mike Welsh

In 2007 my radio Producer Michael Thompson and I gathered a team of mostly student filmmakers with the aim of making a documentary. Our subject was the eccentric Canberra based but nationally known talkback caller, Bruce the Goose, AKA Bruce Bennett.
Sadly, Bruce died suddenly shortly after we bean the project to tell his story. We resolved to continue and in the process serendipitously discovered a whole bunch of “enthusiastic” local callers to talkback radio.
Six completely diverse people, living mostly alone in the suburbs of Canberra. However like Bruce the Goose, heard by a far greater radio audience through networked 2UE and 2GB programs. All had one thing in common….talk-back radio and a strong desire to contribute.
THIS IS “ALL TALK” Directed by Michael Thompson and a crew of filmmakers from Charles Sturt Uni, Bathurst.


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