Mike Welsh

2GB’s Ray Hadley marked Malcolm Turnbull’s report card very early in his Prime Ministership.  “Unelectable” was the call from the Greyhound Race-caller turned Radio Personality soon after Turnbull’s ascension to the top job last September.

Apparently Ray doesn’t like Malcolm (something to do with the way in which Turnbull wears his brand label Polo shirt collars) but when the “unelectable” label was fully thought through there obviously had to be a caveat, or in Ray’s case, a plausible butt covering on standby. Yesterday Ray inserted something akin to a face save/caveat into the fray…he grandly annointed Treasurer Scott Morrison as the next Prime Minister. Ray confidently set out a transition plan from Turnbull to Morrison.

Hadley is obviously now pragmatically prepared to “swallow” the unpalatable pill, which is, Turnbull has to be PM albeit for a short term in order to get his man, Morrison into the Lodge. A much better deal than waking up on July 3 to one of the two things he dislikes more than Malcolm Turnbull: a hung parliament or William Richard Shorten in the Lodge.

 Hadley opened his Budget washup yesterday gushing about Morrison and his first budget. Ray said the new Treasurer was a polished media performer (and I agree) who had handed down a budget which most people seemed to like. Ray’s Boot licking, sorry polishing, continued with the basic details of a scenario in which Turnbull wins office (presumedly without a mandate to hang his hat on) and at a point not too far into the future, is punted for, by then, a totally reformed in the electorate’s estimation, Scott Morrison who’ll become our 7th PM in just under a decade.


Morrison and Hadley have have had a somewhat stormy bromance of late with the polished pollie last year putting Haldley firmly back in his shockjock box over a stunt involving the good book. But they seem to have made up, although after listening to this morning’s gush it would appear Morrison now holds the upper hand in the relationship.

Although Morrison presents as an extremely capable and talented parliamentary performer, he does have an image problem lingering from his days as an outstanding Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. He may need a few more image softening lunch dates in Annabel Crabb’s Kitchen Cabinet if he is to play a part in Ray Hadley’s King making play. With a budget dusted ,without too much collateral damage and the Hadley imprimatur, Morrison could be forgiven for reverting to type and becoming just a little too smug and self satisfied.

In the good old fashioned speak, he runs the risk of “getting too big for his Ray Hadley polished boots”. And he must avoid that at all costs.


  1. Love your work, mate!  All the best,  Dayle. Back in canberra tomorrow from Adelaide.

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