Got a visit from Gordon Ramsay this week. I wasn’t home at the time but Gordy left a handwritten “sorry I missed you” note attached to some election leaflets and fridge magnet.

I must mention here that I’m not a friend of the famous foulmouthed foodie.  My caller was another Gordon Ramsay; the ACT Labor candidate for the seat of Ginninderra at the next election and there is a vast difference between candidate Gordon Ramsay who is being marketed as OUR Gordon Ramsay and that other uncouth individual who brutally tongue lashes apprentice cooks on reality TV.

As a (Uniting Church) Minister OUR Gordon Ramsay would not endorse the lifestyle and language of Gordon Ramsay the cook.

The OUR Gordon Ramsay strategy is I assume a sorbet to enable the political palate to separate “Godly” Gordy from “Gourmet” Gordy, lest the stupid people of Ginninderra think they may be buttonholed by the Michelin star Scot outside Hawker IGA/Woolies on a Saturday morning.

But it seems OUR Gordy is trying to gain an  edge by borrowing a bit of brand recognition using some nifty foodie catch phrases in his advertising material.

I’m sure “Godly” Gordy is well aware of the old saying of “too many cook(s) puns spoil the broth” but “Sharing a RECIPE for a stronger Canberra”…… and a pic featuring a stack of “Gourmet” Gordon’s cookbooks and a grinning “Godly” Gordon in what is meant to look like a commercial kitchen, is just a bit too much for me to swallow.

To be fair though “Godly” Gordon is not a complete “Nigella”. He’s obviously been masticating over the idea of running for public office, building a strong public profile through helping the needy in the Belconnen area.
Gordon, IMHO the ACT Assembly is already over catered for by those who have an appetite for big noting and truth stretching. I do wish you every success with your campaign but be warned, celebrities who end up in politics often fail to withstand the heat in the “Hells Kitchen” it can be.
If successful “Godly” Gordy will get his own media adviser who’ll suggest he doesn’t plate up with the political soufflé… “I AM COMMITTED TO BUILDING A CITY THAT IS TRULY LIVEABLE FOR EVERYONE” ..Because when you’re in a party which has been in power for a long 16 years, the obvious question is: what have you been doing all that time? And this may give the electorate a case of indigestion.

No appalling food puns were ignored in the writing of this article, but we did totally rule out the headline: PASTA POLLIE GETS HIS JUST DESSERTS.

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