By Mike Welsh


Dr Chris Bourke, you are an absolute disgrace to your profession. Politics not Dentistry.

The Dentist turned ACT Minister for Children and Young People was surgically sliced and diced on air by 2CC’s Tim Shaw yesterday morning. Tim Shaw? Seriously ? There must be some sort of mistake.tim-shaw-toshiba

Dr Chris Bourke MLA would have to be the only guest to be “mauled” by Tim Shaw during the Demtel man’s short career on Angry Old Man’s Radio in Canberra. 

Dr Bourke, Tim Shaw is a nice guy, everyone’s mate. How could you let yourself become Shaw’s bunny? There is a far greater risk of being savaged by his predecessor Mark Parton who never raised his on-air voice in anger at anyone. If Parton ever did jump off the the fence it was to “respectfully rebuke” someone and it was always swiftly followed by an apology.

As a former staffer at the station I was phoned by a CC tragic telling me of the scintillating shellacking of Bourke. Shaw, the “Mitchell Mugger”, struck during an interview which centred on the ACT Government’s lack of transparency over the tragic death of a local child. 

A few years back, after I had given Bourke (then new to the Education portfolio) an on-air “education” of his own , Chief Minister Katy Gallagher confessed that her Government had little choice but to drag the rookie MP off a “very thin bench”. “What can you do Mike?” was Katy’s frustrated lament.


Her solution at the time would appear to be another waste of ACT taxpayers money, if yesterday’s pathetic performance is anything to go by. Bourke used the same mealy mouthed statements  as he employed with me a few years back.

Dr Bourke was ordered to undergo expensive “media training” from a Sydney based consultant to avoid being torn another new one by the likes of me, a jumped up disc jockey who couldn’t believe his luck when an incompetitent media advisor served Bourke up on a platter. I humbly offered to give them both (pollie and the advisor) Media training free of charge but Katy politely declined.

When will they learn? If you are going to talk to people like me (media mongrels) then you need to talk to people like me first. It makes perfect sense to me.

The Member for Ginninderra is a good dentist but he’s fast running the risk of the embarrassing political epitaph on a “plaque” (Dental Dad Joke) gleefully donated by Shaw….. I went on the Tim Shaw Radio show and was excoriated with a nice set of steak knives.

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