By Mike Welsh
There are many “sacred cows” in Canberra but none more “protected” than the lycra clad cyclist with his/her self appointed ‘right’ to ride roughshod over the recreational rights of slower moving people and their pets on the city’s shared paths.


Today’s Canberra Times reports a Tuggeranong woman calling for lower speed limits for shared paths after her beloved dog was run over by a cyclist.

Monash resident Ravinder Singh’s 12-year-old Pomeranian Milo, was run over by the cyclist  and died of his injuries several days later..

“Everyone is just so devastated, he was so loved. He was our baby, no one ever looked at him like he was a dog”


Monash Vet Dr Marc Pilkington described the dog’s injuries which included “several broken ribs, a collapsed lung and damage to his internal organs”.

The article mentions the speed limit of 50 kph on most shared paths and in some cases, including the death trap for peaktime pedestrians which is Commonwealth Ave Bridge, it’s 10 kph.
I cautiously cross that iconic carriageway often but can’t recall the last time I saw a speed detecting apparatus. There is absolutely no accountability.
 bridge 2


There’s a proud boast in Canberra that we are a caring and sharing society but that warm and fuzzy attitude only stretches so far. About as far as the flimsy gusset of a pair of cheap bike shorts. For it is here that you dare not say anything untoward about the cyclists. Care and share, yes but don’t DARE bag the serious cyclists.
These arrogant members of our community, and there are many of them, treat “shared” paths as their own. And woe betide any slow-moving citizen (and their dogs)
who DARE to SHARE the space. And don’t hold your breath for your elected representatives, in particular the newly minted councillors, to make comment about this taboo issue. They wouldn’t DARE. Or would they?


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