Independent opinion website The Big Smoke (TBS) has announced it has expanded its content offering following the success of its ‘TBS Next Gen Program’.

Nicole Robertson

Launched in 2016, the program saw students aged between eight and 18 mentored by writers to produce thought-provoking content.

As of February 2017, the leading opinion site has now introduced ‘TBS Boomers’, which will be overseen by ex-radio host Mike Welsh, who has accepted the role of editor for this section of the site.

The new division launched with content from TV legend Tony Barber and Sky Newshost Mike Jeffreys, and has already partnered with brands such as Besins Healthcare for International Women’s Day.

Welsh said a good chunk of Baby Boomers have witnessed and experienced more major social change than any other generations in history.

“From the sexual revolution to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and what’s happened in between, Boomers have seen it all and most likely done it too,” he said.

“Sadly, those who have lived to tell extraordinary tales and share unique insights are ignored and dismissed by most of contemporary society.

TBS will provide us with the perfect platform to tell and preserve these fascinating stories.”

TBS has also expanded its ‘Meet a Founder’ series, which will now profile start-ups on the cusp of disrupting industries.

Start-ups selected to be a part of the series – produced in partnership with Elementum Advisory – will also receive a one-hour meeting with Elementum CEO Philippa Lewis.

TBS publisher Alexandra Tselios developed the section due to her own experience with capital raising in Australia and by watching the local start-up scene and incubator programs.

“Start-ups won’t succeed if they don’t prove there is a need for their offering in the market, and at The Big Smoke, we provide the opportunity to receive exposure across multiple platforms through our media buy, and then collate that data back to the start-up,” she said.

“The data includes engagement and response to the start-ups concept and messaging – both good and bad.

“The data behind this, coupled with connecting them to critical partners who could potentially secure capital with them, creates a compelling opportunity for our network.”



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