Frozen Out

Sometimes a toxic person just needs to be frozen out of your life. To do it you simply write their name on a piece of paper and pop it in the freezer. It sounds ridiculous, but I don’t care. Gretel Killeen

I’d forgotten about wackin people “in the freezer” until I read this great piece by Gretel Killeen on Then Jack Hoffman added his creative mind to the concept

Gretel …I’ve just put a friend in the freezer. I’ve put ex-boyfriends in the freezer before, but this is the first time I’ve put a friend in there.

Obviously, I don’t mean literally. ‘Putting someone in the freezer’ is both part a desperate cry for help and a metaphor that relates to the freezing of someone out of your life. To do it you simply write their name on a piece of paper and pop it in the freezer. It sounds ridiculous, but I don’t care. Sometimes when sheer logic, willpower, self-discipline and repeated heartbreak are not enough to restrain you from continuing to keep someone in your life…then you simply must rely on the supernatural.

I didn’t invent this technique. Many people I know have done it. Strangely I’ve never heard of a man doing it, but lots and lots of balanced and seemingly sensible female friends of mine have done it, often more than once. But to be honest they haven’t all succeeded in freezing the ‘freezee’ out.

But then again I’ve had a few failures too. And they were from lack of trying.

Each time I popped every one of those names in the freezer I was determined to delete them from my life, absolutely rock solid adamant…but then I’d start to blame myself for their behaviour, or get scared of being alone, or there was nothing good on TV and voila! The freeze was out of the freezer and back inside my life.

JACK…I had always put my friends/relationships on a set of imaginary scales and continuously weigh them up. I weigh up the good and the bad that they bring into my life. For me someone’s intent is very important and I’m exceptionally good at reading intent and this is the ultimate decider if they enter the realm of the going into ‘freezer’ status, except for me it takes on a more terminal outcome in that there is never a return to ‘before’ unless I see an error in my judgement. So it’s not about what they did, but more importantly the reasons of why they did it.

For me sending someone into the realm of ‘the freezer’ means that there will never be any reconciliation in this life, the afterlife or the life after the afterlife.

Consequently the people who I consider my friends are the best people in the entire universe. With my ‘best friends’ I have been through hell and high water where our friendships have endured everything imaginable.

Friendships that have not survived have never been worth it in the first instance…



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