Mutt Butt-Sniffing Mystery Solved

Once upon a time all the dogs in the village were called to a special meeting in the town hall. There had been an issue of some dogs cocking their legs and weeing on the statue of the village founder, Sir Humphrey Hounddog. As the dogs filed into the hall they passed a sign which read PLEASE HANG YOUR BUM ON THE HOOKS PROVIDED BEFORE ENTERING THE HALL. About halfway through the meeting as the Mayor, Sir Winston Bulldog was yapping on about statue weeing, the fire alarm rang, which sent all the dogs racing out of the hall. However, in the confusion they grabbed the wrong bottoms from the hooks in the foyer of the hall. And that is why to this very day a doggie will leave his juicy bone and sniff another dog’s butt in a desperate bid to find his own.butt smelling puppies.jpg

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