AN “understanding” between Canberra hospitality and service industry workers and Federal politicians may soon be obsolete.

Former Labor senator Sam Dastyari has signed with the KIIS FM Kyle and Jackie O breakfast show promising to “spill the beans” on Canberra politics in a segment called “Gutter Politics”.

For years cabbies, waiters, hairdressers and the odd dry cleaner have respected their clients’ need for discretion. Mixed metaphors aside, in order to stoop to the required levels of Kyle Sandilands and his co-host, Dastyari will need to dish plenty of “dirt” among those “spilled beans”.

IMG_3554 (1)

LIBERAL MLA Mark Parton’s scathing assessment of CM Andrew Barr is yet another reason the former radio man should be the party’s leader. The member for Brindabella’s incisive spray in the Assembly zeroed in on Barr’s appalling double standards.

“I can’t believe the hypocrisy from this man who lives by a mantra of inclusion; he doesn’t judge people by their colour, creed, religion, sexuality or gender but he can judge an entire profession because they dare to disagree with his vision,” said Parton.

He highlighted Barr’s “vindictiveness” towards journalists being “so strong that he wishes with all his heart their employer goes belly up so they can become unemployed”.

MEANTIME, Canberra-based political editor for “The Australian” Dennis Shanahan wisely allowed some water from Barr’s “hate gate” to flow under Commonwealth Avenue bridge before soberly suggesting local media does need a shake-up.

The Press Gallery veteran wrote: “The real issue is not about his personal feelings towards journalists or old people but the need for a vigorous, independent and competitive local media in Canberra.

“After all, it is the national capital, and just across the Commonwealth Bridge every media organisation in Australia fights on a daily basis to monitor and condemn any misdemeanour or wrongdoing of the federal government.”

SINCE vacating the breakfast slot at HIT 104.7 Ryan Jon continues to take the world beyond by storm. The announcer’s heart wrenching 2017 Mother’s Day YouTube video on his search for the woman who gave him up for adoption 30 years ago has notched 580 million views. Still to trace his mother, Jon told “The Project’s” Carrie Bickmore his video had unearthed his biological father, an American who had a one-night stand while backpacking through Australia. And Ryan has found two half-brothers.


THE ACT government is among the first jurisdiction to sign-up for the new national redress scheme for survivors of child sexual abuse in institutions. While applauding the proactive approach, Gold Creek art gallery owner and child sexual abuse victim Robert Stephens is challenging the government “to keep the momentum going” by changing the name of William Slim Drive.

Mr Stephens came to Australia in 1952 aged eight as part of the UK government-sponsored Fairbridge Scheme and has accused then Governor-General Sir William Slim of sexual abuse at a Fairbridge farm in NSW. Stephens is a long-time campaigner for the name change.

FROM the Canberra Noticeboard Facebook site comes this touching post: “A huge thank-you to ‘Maureen’, a lovely lady who was walking down our street and found my daughter’s cat dead on our road. Maureen stayed with Luna for 10 minutes until I got home and then later called in with flowers for my daughter! If you are on this site Maureen, thank you again! You are a true angel!!”

SACKED CSIRO technician Jack Hoffman who left Canberra 22 months ago “broken” after a prolonged and traumatic battle with the scientific body over bullying issues, has returned briefly to the capital a new man.

Hoffman gained notoriety via the now defunct “Today Tonight” TV show after being caught buying a Big Mac from Maccas drive-through in Condor, breaching CSIRO’s company car use policy.

The 55-year-old, who spent his first six weeks in Sydney homeless, is now the poster boy of the Metabolic Rehabilitation Program at Camden Hospital in Sydney after dropping 70 kilograms from his 185-centimetre frame to be 198 kilograms.


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