By Mike Welsh

A piece I wrote for The Big Smoke on May 2016

Bronwyn Bishop has made her exit, but don’t count out her return. In some form, the Bish will be back.

Bronwyn Bishop has left the building. A building over which she had a terrifying influence, since her political love child Tony Abbott gifted her the Speaker’s Seat back in 2012. But, she will be back. Not in the big seat at the front, or even one at the back, but undoubtedly in the faces of those who betrayed her. And Tony Abbott would be at the very top of that bish list.

“It’s not the end. It is simply a change of direction and I look forward to serving further,” Bronwyn Bishop, April 2016.

The hard lady of conservative politics with a hide tougher than a mountain goat’s knee was eventually “choppered out” of office after the rarely-used but mostly effective method of crowbars, failed.

Embarrassment heaped upon humiliation was to follow with a bruising and public “boning” by the pre-selectors of the safe Liberal Northern Sydney Beaches seat of McKellar. But don’t assume for a moment that BB is gone.

The 73 year old former speaker made her valedictory speech last week, and left with head (and hair) held high, but not before slapping down the warning: “there is much more than meets the eye…in that saga (Tony Abbott), but not for now.”

Was this just the vague threat of a woman scorned, or is a book already in the pipeline? Is Tony Abbott Catholic?

You can bet your personally autographed “Ditch the Witch” placard a “tell all” is book being tapped/hammered out as we speak. And obviously, a book penned by Bronwyn Bishop while in full fit of pique would contain considerably sufficiently more spite and poison than a tome of John Howard’s waffling recollections of his tenure. (And would guarantee sales in excess of other nasty political tales such as the Latham Diaries and Nikki Savva’s Road To Ruin.)

But more to the point, what to call such a potential political best seller?

How I Outlasted Bob Ellis (by a Month)

The Two Bronnies (the Other Side of Bronwyn Bishop)

Bron’s Bronze (A Tough Lady’s Political Podium Finish)

To a degree, Bronwyn Bishop can seek succour from stubbornly sustaining a long and colourful career: a nice plump parliamentary pension; but sadly for Ms Bishop, her decades of public service will be scattered far and wide under the slashing roto-blades of the self-serving saga known as Choppergate.

The reality of the scandal which grew unnecessarily powerful wings will continue to hover forever over Bronwyn Bishop like a roaring squadron of Chinook military attack helicopters wherever she goes.

And that will cost a small fortune in hairdressing fees.

Hang on. There’s your book title… The Whirlybird Still Gets the Perm.

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