By Mike Welsh

FINALLY a clinical, calm and educated explanation of what went wrong with Karl Stefanovic. At Nine not at home. That’s a whole other story.

It seems that all it takes to tame a TV bad boy is to plonk a good woman next to him on the couch. Simple.

The Australian’s Caroline Overington has pointed out that if only we would stop clicking on Karl stories (in gossip mags) and stop clicking off commercial TV and if Nine had been a bit more grown up over the (reasonable) demands of Lisa Wilkinson this whole circus would have folded its tent months ago.


“The Nine Network is looking for ways to survive in this new environment. That’s why this year it bought Fairfax Media, not for the investigative journalism but for the online properties, especially real estate website Domain, and for Stan, the streaming service, which is perhaps the future.

Caroline Overington The Australian

Apparently the two major TV breakfast shows — Today on the Nine Network and Sunrise on Seven — simply don’t pull the punters in they way they once did.

Kochie’s Girls and ABC Breakfast

— if he’d had a supportive woman by his side on the Today couch, somebody mature enough to understand that long marriages do sometimes end, that people can and do move on, that it’s nobody’s business really, that everything will be OK, provided the kids are all right …

Caroline Overington The Australian

And is there such a supportive woman out there?

Lisa Wilkinson

“Lisa Wilkinson! Karl’s on-screen partner for a decade. But Nine let Lisa walk. At a time of its great, existential crisis, for the sake of maybe $200,000 a year — a couple of Chicken Tonight ads — they let the most mature and stable presence on the show walk out the door”.

Selfies with Kochie

Just like the dinosaurs of our contempory political movements and their new “endose a women” mantra, the boys in TV are reportedy turning breakfast TV on its head with Nine – according to an insider- seriously searching for two women to wake up with. Lisa Wilkinson back on the breakfast couch while Karl sleeps off a hangover from another time in another room.

Michael Rowland

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