The year had barely begun and exaggerated rumours that Olivia Newton-John was on her last legs swirled around social media. So swiftly was news of her demise swirling that the lady herself was forced to knock together a short piece to camera to dispel the speculation

But then came David Nemeth and his My 2019 Celebrity Death Pool.

The post doesn’t venture too far out on a limb suggesting disgraced comedian Bill Cosby will meet his maker this year and it doesn’t mention comedian Billy Connelly who by his own (recent) admission will be the focus of the put out your banjo hashtag before the year is out. “My life, it’s slipping away and I can feel it and I should , I’m 75 I’m a damn sight nearer the end than I am at the beginning”

But now an Australian Commercial Radio Facebook page The Radio Green Room has offered a classy competition which awards points to those who are first to “nominate two people who you think will die in 2019. One Australian and one International celeb.
– First in best dressed, the person to nominate that celeb first has dibbs on that celeb and nobody else can nominate that person.
– The first person to get two out of two is the winner.
– You can not nominate anyone over the age of 80.
– You can not nominate Olivia N/J, Bob Hawke, Keith Richards or Billy Connolly. 
– Entries close 13th of Jan 2019 5pm ESDT.

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