Libby Spears…. A Woman Who Shakes The World

I spoke with American documentary-maker and Child Sex Exploitation expert Libby Spears on my radio program this week.

Ms Spears was in Australia for Premiere screenings of “Playground:The Child Sex Trade in America” a critically acclaimed film which has been screened around the world.


Libby also spoke with many groups, including the Australian Federal Police (AFP) delivering the sobering and disturbing warning that Australia was not immune from the evil epidemic of young children being forced into prostitution.

“The USA has a thriving child sex industry. The same is true of Australia”

Ms Spears, along with Oprah and Hilary Clinton, was recently included on the NewsWeek Magazine “150 Women Who Shake The World” list and is founder and Executive Director of NEST Foundation and the new community movement, Campaign 13, which advocates for an intelligent, holistic and urgent response to sex trafficking in America.