GUNGAHLIN’S mosque, beset by delays and legal challenges is finally open. A sinister campaign waged by the Concerned Citizens of Canberra (CCC) dog-whistled residents over the “dire” consequences of a mosque being built in the suburb, but came to an abrupt halt in July, 2014.

Master of the ACT Supreme Court David Mossop took less than 60 seconds to comprehensively and stunningly scuttle the plans of the anti-Muslim group, which had lodged an objection to the DA, declaring “application dismissed”.

THE ACT’s Human Rights Act is set to be tested again after an inmate at the Alexander Maconochie Centre demanded vegetarian food be added to the menu and stationery fees be abolished. Isa Islam has filed a civil claim in the ACT Supreme Court stating the AMC’s handling of inmates’ dietary requirements and photocopying protocols breached the Human Rights Act.

Islam, who is serving time for a violent stabbing at the Ainslie shops in 2008 and for the bashing of a fellow inmate at the AMC in 2013, complained he failed to receive a vegetarian roll and called on management to stop charging 20 cents a page to photocopy educational material.

TENNIS brat Nick Kyrgios has reverted to his bad-boy ways in spectacular fashion and copped another schillacking in the process. On the Sydney, Triple M breakfast show, former NRL stars Mark Geyer and Matty Johns labelled the Canberra champion a “disgrace” and suggested his “walk-off” after losing his first set at the Shanghai Masters was “almost in match-fixing territory”.

The 22-year-old recently demonstrated rare levels of maturity since being heavily fined for “tanking” at the 2016 Shanghai Masters. In September, at the Laver Cup event in Prague, commentators spoke of an obvious osmosis between Kyrgios and Superbrat John McEnroe, captain of Team World, and that “Mac was getting through to Nick”.

THOSE who know the shy little Canberra wallflower, Chic Henry, may be shocked to learn the man who founded the iconic Summernats was quite a larrikin as a lad in his native Tasmania.

In his new autobiography “I Remember One Time”, Henry shares details of a wild, unrestrained “boy’s own” existence in the burgeoning suburbs of Launceston.

Among Chic’s stand-out shenanigans was playing chicken with trucks and buses “to see how close I could get without being clipped” and “pashing” the Mayor’s daughter – “a sweet girl with dark brown hair who shared my interest in Olympic-level kissing”. In the book’s foreward, Henry – who was appointed an Honorary Ambassador for Canberra in 2000 by then Chief Minister Kate Carnell – warns “text contains occasional coarse language and adult themes”.

A TALENTED Canberra footballer is hoping to impress officials at the North Melbourne AFL Kangaroos ahead of November’s National Draft. Former Belconnen junior Jordan Harper, 24, who this season co-captained the Canberra Demons in the NEAFL and won the club’s best and fairest for the second year running, is currently training at Arden Street.

A LOCAL, same-sex couple has been shortlisted in the 2018 LGBQTI awards. Tom Snow and Brooke Horne are among finalists for the Inspirational Role Model category for their work on the marriage-equality campaign including the rainbow-coloured Canberra airport. The ACT Aids Council is also shortlisted in the Community Initiative/Charity section. Winners will be announced in March.

THE airport’s ground-breaking marriage equality campaign has also impressed comedian Lawrence Mooney. Passing through the terminal for a show at the Canberra Theatre, the host of the ABC panel show “Dirty Laundry” posted a pic of the airport’s marriage equality signage on Twitter, adding: “Yay, Canberra Airport. Can’t miss this through security. It thrills me that Abetz, Bernardi, Abbott and co have to look”.

The Bi-Sexual Dog

By Mike Welsh

Seems old Lowrents still has a WOMAN problem

Infamous Aussie influencer Ruby Tuesday Matthews has fired back at radio hosts who referred to her as a “cloth-eared bint” who “prostitutes” herself online for freebies.

Byron Bay Instamodel Ruby Tuesday Matthews, who made headlines after holding up a Jetstar flight to dine on oysters last year, has unearthed a radio segment where the hosts made brutal comments about her lifestyle.

Melbourne Triple M host Lawrence Mooney and his colleagues laid into Matthews as part of a “You Can’t Do That” segment last year.

In it, Mooney refers to an influencer as a “social media whore that will sell your life for free stuff” and tells them to “choke” on their free meals.

“Those people who love a free feed or skincare product, because they’re prepare to prostitute themselves – you can’t!”


Has Lawrence “just a funny guy” Mooney finally made it to the big time?

Sharing top billing on the Douche Directory with Alan Jones and Kanye West may have elevated “LowRents” to the big end of town. Or at least people who have never heard of him now have.

All three were nominees last week for “Douche Of The Week” on the SBS current affairs show “the Feed”. For Mooney it was a Douche debut. Tough category and among Group One company but the form guide suggests he’s a chance of winning the gong. This could be career defining moment for “LowRents”.

Granted it’s only February but Mooney would also have to be a super red-hot fave to take out the influential Annual “Ray Hadley Glass Jaw” award.

Lawrence Moony who made a “name” for himself outside Melbourne comedy circles for dropping the “c” word on national TV, arced up deluxe over comments made by a part-time comedy critic following his show at the recent Adelaide comedy festival .

This is part of Isabella Fowler’s review in the ‘tiser…..

WHAT is the difference between “just a funny guy” and a comedian? This is what I am left wondering after an hour at Rhino Room with Lawrence Mooney. A jibe at Malcolm Turnbull that carries on a little too long (OK, we get it, he speaks like he’s had a private education) and a clumsy story about three women named Margaret has me thinking Mooney falls under the former.

While the man with a number of accolades under his belt has an undeniably natural demeanour and commanding stage presence, it seems Mooney’s comedic philosophy revolves around the idea that inserting a booming profanity at the end of a frankly unfunny story automatically makes it funny.

“The bottom line is — Lawrence Mooney is just a funny guy under a spotlight. Isabella Fowler

Bad move and poor form. Exposing your leg stump is never the best form of defence.

For days after the spiteful spray from Mooney the twittersphere was awash with juvenile barbs and surprisingly a few tweets from “establishment” comedy performers who saw fit to come to the defence of “the funny man in the spotlight”.

Similar to the “official” response after a senior pollie is caught out doing something he/she shouldn’t be doing, there are always a few colleagues who are prepared to briefly pause at the daily door stop and offer a few words in the positive. Kind of a brotherhood. Wonder what they really think.

For her sins writer Fowler copped this caustic gobful from Mooney…..

 “deadshit” and “f***ing amateur”

 “Are you deaf or an idiot? You did hear people laughing hard for an hour didn’t you @BellaFowler93 Best you stick to real estate and food. Your review is a piece of shit, your journalism is worse.”

As reviews go Fowler’s was as beige as it was brief but good old “LowRents” chose to go hard and then reload and go some more.

He pulled out the lazy and well worn tactic of the “I have nothing” brigade by denigrating the writer rather than the work, suggesting the critic was not a “real” Comedy Reviewer but a Real Estate and Food writer in her day job.

Poor form from a “pro”. That’s like saying fellow Glass Jaw alumni  “Ray-Bans” Hadley, despite his stellar radio career, is a greyhound race caller or taxi driver. Wikipedia says “LowRents” was once a window cleaner!!

Bottom Line Lawrence. Remember the infamous story of the bi-sexual family dog called “Butch” ? He was loved and respected by all because he could give it AND he could take it.