The Dogs are barking …..Barnaby is about to be 'put down'.
Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce's arch enemy Tony Windsor is the proverbial 'dog with two dicks' this week. The former member for New England tweeted  @Barnaby_Joyce Time to go , but before you do you might apologies to my wife and my now deceased mother for your disgraceful behaviour and to the many others on your trail of misinformation and deceit . You deserve no sympathy , the sympathy should go to those you have damaged” .
While good ole Barn's bush buddies gather today to decide what to do about the dirty dog,the canine theme was let off the leash at the weekend. The Tele's Miranda Devine's  piece on the Barney business,revisited another famous political philander. Quoting Natalie Joyce on Barnaby's form .....Devine wrote  Joyce “hasn’t been an easy dog to keep on the porch”, as Hillary Clinton once put it, but Natalie has persevered, understanding that highs and lows are part of his personality telling friends “he always comes back”. 
Is this a political comeback or is she referring to his form in 'leaving the porch'?